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3 days stay in Brittany
Visit Mont saint michel-Saint Malo-Rennes


Day 1


8 am: Departure from Paris by TGV 1st class for Rennes,


10 am: Departure: Rennes to Saint Malo city by minibus with driver. 


11:30am:  Arrival in St Malo, Free downtown lunch.


1 pm: Visit of the french corsair city with guider: its stone walls, the traditional "malouines" houses, Corsair(pirate) boats, museums and a famous local home of butter.


3 pm: Then, Donwtown free shopping and walk. 


5:30pm : 4 stars Hotel check-in and rest up before diner.


7 pm: Reserved diner in a traditional restaurant.


Day 2


8:30am : Departure for Dinard by minibus with driver,


9:30am: Visit the Dinard city, the Brittany's most famous seaside resort with a guider: its splendid beachfront villas, its spectacular landscapes and the "Emerald" sea colour. 


11:30am : Departure to the Mont Saint Michel by minibus.


12:30am:  Arrival, reserved lunch with local traditional food.


1:30pm: After lunch, visit the abbay with a guider.


3:30pm : In town free shopping or walk.


5 pm: Departure for a 3-4 stars hotel check-in.


6:30pm : Reserved diner in the hotel.


Day 3


9 am: Departure for Rennes by minibus with driver.


10:15am : Arrival in Rennes, the capital of Brittany region, visit with a guider: the historical donwtown, the beautiful park of Thabor …


1 pm: Free donwtown lunch,


2:30pm: Free in town shopping or walk,


4:30pm: Departure from the city center to the train station by minibus, then, return to Paris by TGV 1st class.

The Mont Saint Michel
Saint Malo, the french corsair city

"The corsair city", Surrounded and protected by its strong barriers and ramparts, Saint-Malo is renowned for some of its famous french maritime explorers as Jacque Cartier, Surcouf and Douguay Trouin.

Poundly erected along its ramparts, Saint Malo is the most reprentative city of maritime histories in Brittany.

Come and admire its imressive ramparts, its traditional "malouine" style houses and mythical "government licenced pirateers" boats.

"A wonder of the occident", the Mont saint Michel is a historical sympol of France.

Built since a thousand years and classified as one of the world heritage by the UNESCO, it becomes a "must to see" in France. Always highly esteemed by pilgrims and tourists from all over the world and Ideally located in Normandie, only 2 hours by high speed train from Paris.

Come and visit this historic place! For all gourmands, here, the salted pasture lamb and the mythical omeletle "Mère Poulard" are absulutely the must.

"The resort of Emeralde coast", Dinard is the little sister of Saint Malo, a very popular and well esteemed Brittany seaside resort by Bretons and English people during the summer holidays.

We could be easily seduced by its splendid beachfront villas and its famous "walk in the moonlight" may show you spectacular landscapes and the sea with a fabulous "Emerald "colour.

Or you can aslo simply enjoy its beautiful beaches.

Dinard, a beautiful seaside resort
The Valley of the Loire river and its Castles

​Ranked by the USNECO as one of the humanity heritage, the valley of the Loire river is a witness of the french Renaissance and royal histories.

All of these historical richnesses are reprented by multiple impressive castles around. The whole valley of the loire go through 2 french regions : the center and the Pays de la Loire, a "must to see" for your frech trip.

The Chenonceau castle
The Cheverny Castle

Surnamed as" the lady’s castle", The Chenonceau castle was built in the center region in 1513 by Katherine Brionnçet.

The most important charm of this castle is its construction above the Cher river. This is the reason why it has been chosen as residence by the Lady Diane of Poitier and the Lady Catherine of Medicis. Both of them were delighted by the reflection of the castle and contributed to improve its construction and made the Chenonceau castle a masterpiece of french architelture.

This castle is the second most visited after the Versaille.

Located in the Loire et Cher region in the center, the Cheverny castle was built in the 17th century by the famous architect Jacque Bougier. He has aslo buit the Blois castle nearby.

The Cheverny castle is renowned for its luxurious Louis 14th’s period decorations. It is one of the most decorative castles in France. Also, for Fans of TinTin, the author was inspired by this castle to drew the Haddock capitain’s castle, that makes the Cheverny even more well-known.

The construction of this castle was ordered and supervised by the french King François 1st since 1519.

The Chambord castle is the most vast and luxerious in France : 440 rooms 335 chenimenies.

The situation of the castle is even more impressive : the biggest enclosed domain in Europe.

The Chambord castle is worldwide well-known because of its Italian Renaissance style architecture. It seems that Leonard De vinci has participated its construction. As he was invited by the François 1st to come and live in France on 1516.

Tourists from all over the world come here in order to admire its perfect proportion, greatness and its wonderful unique style.

The Chambord Castle
A week-en in Nantes
Visit the historical Brittany Ducs' city 






8:30am : Departure from Paris by TGV 1st class to Nantes.


10:30am : Go to visit the city center with a guider : the historical center, the Duchesse of Brittany's Castle...


12:30am : Free donwtown lunch 


1:30pm : Visit with a guider at "les Machine de l'ile":

the great elephant, the marine worlds carousel. 


3 pm: Go back in town for shopping and walk.


6 pm: Check-in for a unusual 4 stars hotel.


7:3pm: Reserved diner in a Restaurant of your choice.




9 am : Departure by minibus for the visit of Nantes vineyard, 


10:30am : visit of the vineyard museum, wines tasting, 


12 am : Réserved lunch at the vineyard.


2 pm:  Departure for a Cruise on the "la Loire" river.


5 pm: Go to the train station by minibus, return to Paris by TGV 1st class.









Rennes, the Brittany's capital
Nantes, The city of the Dukes of Brittany

The city of the dukes of brittany is the other city with a lot of Breton histories. For a long time, Nantes was the rival of Rennes during the middle ages. Built along the estuary of the Loire river, Nantes is one of the most important city in the northwest region. You can discover in the city center the impressive Castle of the duke of the Brittany, the "LU biscuit" towel, the museum of "les machines de l’ile" which contain big animals made by wood and steels, the most well-know of them is the great elephant.

Discover the most livable city in France.


Formely called condate, which means confluence, the city was built by the Armoricane people on the confluence of the Ile and the Vilaine rivers. The brittany capital city is very welcoming, festive and you can feel how they know good living.Come and discover Rennes’ historical monuments, the brittany parliament, its beautiful parks and traditional half timbering houses. Rennes is a good place for a stroll and city discovery.




Day 1


8:30 am : Departure from Paris by TGV 1st class to Tour.


9 am : Departure to the Chenonceau castle by minibus, 


9:30 am : Arrival and visit with a guider


11 am : Go and visit a local vineyard by minibus


11:30 am: Visit with a guider, wines tasting and reserved lunch


2:30 pm: Go to the Cheverny castle ny minibus.


3:30 pm: Arrival and visit with a guider.


5 pm: Check-in for an unfergettable night inside a castle with breakfast.


8 pm: Reserved diner in the castle.




Day 2


9 am : Departure by minibus for the Chambord castle, 


10 am : Arrival, visit with a guider.


11:30 am : Go for a reserved lunch at Chambord downtown.


1 pm:  Departure for the Amboise castle by minibus.


2 pm: Arrival, visit with a guider.


3:30 pm: Go to visit a local vineyard by minibus.


4:15 pm: Visit the vineyard with a guider and wine tasting.


5:45 pm: Go back to the Tour train station by minibus.


6:30 pm: Return from Tour to Paris by TGV 1st class.

















Visiting the Valley of the Loire and Castles
2 days stay for Castles and Vineyards 
The Amboise castle

The castle was built on a hill which orverhangs the Loire river. Originelly, in place of the current castel, there was a medieval fortress from the Gaulois period.

Then the castel was built in the same place at the initiative of the King Charle 8th en 1492 and the construction was continued by the King Louis 12th and François 1st.

This castle with its Italian Renaissance style, was one of the first French royal residence. With its overhanging parks, the castle has the most beautiful panoramic view of the Valley of Loire.

We can also find the some bornes of Leonard de Vinci, because he was invited by the King François 1st to come and live in France on 1516, He was died on 1519 in the small chapel of the Amboise.

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